Who Are You on Instagram: the King or the Beggar?

Modern realities force to promote your business on the basis of social networks. The most popular ones – VKontakte and Instagram attract a lot of followers. Due to the competent account management, you can make sales all over the world. You just need to think about how to make Instagram content beautiful and useful for a potential client. Original materials make customers not only like photos, but also follow interesting pages. The account’s popularity is growing day by day.


• Why blogging?

• For whom to write

• How to write

• When to write

• The principles of promotion

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Why blogging?

The correct setting of goals determines a lot in our life. Before creating an account, think about your plans. Write down on a piece of paper the questions: “What am I selling?”, “For whom am I selling?”, “What is the uniqueness of the product?”. In the first stages, this is exactly what will help to write the content plan. These are the first steps on the way to the top, that will help you understand the “king” you are on Instagram or the “begger”.

Come up with a simple but original name with which you will sign the photo, make a layout of your signature. So advised by professional content creators on Instagram. Once the name can become a brand.

For whom to write

Before starting work on an Instagram account, it is important to develop a strategy based on the target audience of the seller. For example, if you want to sell hair clips for girls, then young mothers will be followers. This means that you need to submit information from this angle. If the product is garden equipment from world famous brands, then the content will be completely different.

It is important to work on determining your target audience. The process includes determining gender, age, and preferences of the potential customer.

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How to write

Select a topic. If you want to sell yarn, then show its advantages. The buyer is interested in the composition, appearance, quality, as well as how the products from this yarn will look.

1. Beautiful photos. Yes, it is high-quality photos that collect a lot of likes and get to the top.

2. Video content is very useful. It enlivens the page and allows to show the consumer the benefits of the product. Funny videos work especially well.

3. The design of the blog on Instagram is a separate topic. The originality of the idea will attract a lot of followers. We are talking about how to design photos through editors, and about the presentation of content. The emphasis here can be placed on certain sections, repeated once a month or more often. For example, in the account created for the sale of eco-products, you can insert the posts “Doctor’s Tips” or “Live Reports”.

4. Instagram is convenient in its search. Indeed, a great thing is a few taps and you have found what you need. The main feature is to correctly invent and arrange hashtags for each product.

When to write

Time of making posts plays a very important role. For example, if a post appears in the feed early in the morning when everyone is at work, then the chances of earning a lot of likes are slim. Another case is 7-8 pm, when the followers came home from work and are ready to read the posts. The more likes a photo receives, the more people will see it.

The principles of promotion

These basic principles will help to maximally correspond to the “ideal” and slowly but surely promote your account to the top.

• Creativity. Unique articles, new ideas will help stand out from the crowd.

• Activity is necessary for mutual likes and follows. Daily posting will help keep your followers.

• Progress. Keeping up with the times is always beneficial. Social networks do not stand still, there are new “chips” that can be used for good. Shoot videos for stories, add to the current price lists, lists of services, addresses of branches and more.

• Advertising. Using ads in more popular accounts, you can attract new followers to your page.

• Benefit. This is perhaps the main rule. The more clearly you indicate the “pain” of your follower, the more likely it is that they will not unsubscribe from you and become a real customer.

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Following simple rules, you can promote your account and become the “king” of this social network. There are SMM companies that can help with promotion. This is the easy way to get likes on Instagram. ALL-SMM service is a company that will help you save time and money and will be engaged in promoting your brand.