What to Publish in Instagram Stories

If you want to be interesting to your Instagram followers, promote your account and attract new followers, sell your services or goods, the daily posting of Stories is your responsibility. More than half of the audience of a social photo network admit that they do not view the feed at all, because there are a lot of photos that do not carry much sense, but almost everyone watches Stories. What should you post on Instagram stories, to attract new followers?


1. Simple rules to remember.

2. Cool ideas

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Simple rules to remember

1. Only those users who use the updated app from the smartphone can see Stories.

2. Stories can be commented on – come up with some excuse for people to write to you. Their comments will get to your PM.

3. Do not forget about editing images – even an ordinary photo can be turned into a masterpiece. Are there more Instagram filters, other than the standard ones? Yes! Click “Management” if you have Android, or “Settings” if iOS and check the additional filters you are interested in in the app.

4. For potential followers to see you, use geolocation tags, attach active links.

5. Pay attention to the fact that 2/3 of the audience watch Stories with sound – do not put too loud music, but calls for action should be said out loud, and not just placed in the form of a text – distracted, a person may not see it.

6. Remember that stories are narrow, vertical, 9:16 format videos. If you post the picture in a different size, check how it looks after cropping – usually not very well.

7. Making it work – that’s why you need to post videos on Instagram. Consider how you can increase your engagement with your audience by encouraging them to interact with you.

8. Few followers? Use a trusted service to promote an Instagram account with good reviews, for example, ALL-SMM. They will help to stand out from thousands of similar profiles, and you can reach the steady growth of followers in a short time.

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Great ideas

1. Play with the audience. Everyone loves playing: puzzles, finding something, counting, sending an answer to Direct. People of all ages love difficult questions with unexpected answers. In another story we can note those who gave the correct answer.

2. Backstage – what remains behind the scenes. Everyone is curious, peeping is such a pleasure! Share how the preparation for the photo, the project goes. Show the process of creating a product.

3. Competition. Play something nice for some action. Do not forget to publish the winner, do not have contest for a too long time, keep the audience “in good shape”.

4. Wise quotes are loved by everyone: a minute of wise thoughts during the day has not harmed anyone and will show you as a deep interesting person.

5. Who doesn’t like gifts? And if they are hidden on an interesting city route – you can pick it up in search of a half-city, the main thing is that you don’t miss out a gift. Your recognition will rise at times, it is important not to forget about preparing for the quest, come up with hashtags.

6. Humor is everything: a funny comment, picture, vine shot on the way to work… Cheer up your followers!

7. Something funny and cute: cats, kids, a situation in the street, a humorous picture in the theme of the day… The main thing is not to overdo it and connect such a story to your personality, to call people to some kind of action.

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8. Provoke. Have you posted something interesting in the feed? Intrigue, encourage to go and read the post, speak in the comments to the post.

9. Announcements, invitations, advertising. If it’s not often, then it won’t be annoying, just make it beautiful, high-quality and clear: where, at what time and why to come, price, etc.

10. Questions, polls, tests. Why not tap to answer? What did others reply? This is anonymous and interesting!

11. Design a grateful feedback from a customer in a nice way in a post to show how grateful you are.

12. Show your life – give virtual friends the opportunity to be with you where you are now.

Love and be loved by your audience, follow the simple rules of promoting your account and the result will definitely be there. Good luck!