Using Stickers and Emojis on Instagram

There are various ways to get likes on Instagram, and all of them are necessary to make your profile popular. Popularity in the social network is needed for earning, as well as for gaining popularity outside the virtual world. Many successful bloggers were able to achieve a lot within the application. But an important condition for how to get tons of likes on Instagram is the right design of your personal page. Published photos and videos are important.


  • Instagram stickers
  • Stickers and how to edit them
  • Could stickers be used for the videos

Instagram stickers

To use the “stickers” option, the user should go to the menu, take a photo and tap the corresponding button. One will get a catalog of various stickers that can be attached to the photo. The collection of colorful texts and pictures is constantly updated. But for some users, this option may not be available. This applies to those who have an outdated version of Instagram. But after updating the app, stickers should appear in the menu, and they can be used. If the update did not help to correct the error, then the electronic device does not support this function.

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Stickers and how to edit them

In addition to funny icons, Instagram users can use stickers with their location, as well as the air local temperature and time. All virtual stickers can be used simultaneously. Geolocation in the form of a sticker is an active link, and followers can follow it on the Internet map. In addition to time, geolocation shows air temperature, there are other Instagram stickers for photos and videos in the catalog.

Instagram developers have made editable stickers. This means that you can change their size. To change the size of the sticker, it is necessary to put two fingers to the center of the picture, and to zoom in or out.

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Could stickers be used for the videos

You can add stickers not only when posting a photo to the Story, but also when adding a video. To add a sticker, tap on it and hold. One will see a time for selecting the desired period. If necessary, you can also edit the size of the sticker. After the required size and location of the mark is selected, you need to complete the post by tapping the “Add” button.

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