Promotion on Instagram

Social networks have long been an important part of our lives. We communicate through them, find out the news, share information. All this has a great impact on the advertising business. Promoting goods and services through Instagram is becoming more convenient than using conventional marketing campaigns, such as advertising on TV. Does promotion on Instagram work? No doubt, its effectiveness has been proved by a huge number of examples.


• Low cost of creating advertising

• Advertising trends

• What helps in promoting on Instagram

• Promotion setting

• Format selection

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Low cost of creating advertising

Imagine how much it costs to shoot a TV commercial. Add to this the payment of time being on air. It will be quite a large sum, which seems to be impossible for a small business, this type of advertising is not available to them. The development of social networks opens up many new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Advertising for Instagram can be created on your own. For example, make a video about your product, tell why people need it, what are its advantages. People will watch such an advertisement and will understand for sure why they should buy this product. You don’t have to spend any money on displaying ads. If case the Instagram promote failed, the targeting was simply configured incorrectly. In order to avoid mistakes, it is worth contacting the ALL-SMM service, there they will help to create an effective advertising campaign.

Advertising trends

People are often wondering what what are promotions on Instagram, what kind of business is best done through social networks. The answer is simple – with the proper approach, almost any business can show high efficiency. And the creation of advertising has been simplified many times, almost every user has a smartphone that allows to take high quality pictures and videos.

Instagram offers a certain method of presenting information, which should be taken into account when creating advertising. For example, reading posts is significantly different from watching a show with ad units. The appearance of stories has also made significant changes to advertising. An advertiser is required to hook a person in just a few seconds, so that they do not scroll through the story, but get really interested in the offer.

What helps in promoting on Instagram

Every day, people face a huge flow of information. This fact makes us think about how to make advertising stand out and arouse interest. Creativity is important, any successful video is characterized by a non-standard approach.

Social networks allow to advertise products and services to the target audience. So, you need to know exactly who will be interested in the advertising offer. Having a clear idea of ​​the target audience in many cases becomes almost half the success.

The specificity of the goals in the promotion is the key to the result. When you do not know what exactly you want to receive, with a high degree of probability you will not receive anything at all. So it’s worth deciding how much money will be spent on advertising, how many orders and purchases this should bring.

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Promotion setting

The promotion on Instagram is very different from the ads on TV and radio. Social networks help to target a specific audience, and on TV it was necessary to advertise goods to the masses. Naturally, the emergence of Instagram gives many new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

The targeting setting on social networks can be divided into three varieties:

• demographic characteristics (gender, age, participation in some communities, geographical location);

• retargeting (loading a database of users who were interested or bought your goods);

• look alike audiences (exploring your customer base and showing ads to similar users).

Each method has its own advantages. It should be borne in mind that the video must match the chosen strategy and type of targeting. Advertising for specific locations and advertising for users with similar interests will have clear differences.

Format selection

Instagram offers 4 formats for displaying ads:

• slide show;

• gallery (one photo divided into several);

• video;

• stories.

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The social network is used mainly from smartphones, therefore, for advertising, you should use content in a vertical format. For example, stories occupy the entire screen, so they certainly will not go unnoticed. Static images should be avoided by the advertisers, even minimal animation increases the effectiveness of the ad.