Instagram on Mac OS

Using a laptop from Apple means that the user begins to perform the usual actions in a slightly different way. However, with regard to the use of popular services, sites, social networks, the difference is minimal. Most often, the differences relate to design solutions of a particular product. In addition, Apple computers have a better security level, which allows to use some additional features. Therefore, posting on Instagram from Mac does not require special knowledge and skills from you. However, there are several differences that are worth talking about.


  • Why is Instagram on Mac OS convenient?
  • Promoting an account
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Conclusion

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Why is Instagram on Mac OS convenient?

Like any other tool, Instagram on Mac does not have a lot of significant differences. The grouping of posts is the same, and Direct is still not available in the web version. Here, unlike many other apps, developers do not provide the user with new features and capabilities. However, traditionally on Mac OS a large number of tools for analyzing an account are released. Thanks to this, the question of how to promote Instagram page becomes much simpler – just use the available software solutions.

Promoting an account

There are several generally accepted ways to promote an account on Instagram. You can do massive buying ads from popular bloggers. This method is considered the most effective, but at the same time the most expensive one. A similar post can cost from $10 to $10 000. For most users, this is an unacceptable luxury. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other options that are more affordable. It is traditionally believed that on Instagram you can buy followers and likes fairly cheaply through various services, such as All-SMM. Let’s consider the situation when it is worth working with these services and how much it will cost to promote a standard account.


Buying followers in most cases is exactly what users start with. However, this step is wrong – if you have hundreds of thousands of followers, and the activity is zero, then this situation will look odd. As actually the opposite option. The most correct way is to distribute your advertising budget in the ratio of 40 to 60 (40% for the purchase of followers, 60% for the purchase of likes). This will allow to develop your account in the most competent way.


As for buying likes, you can use one proven scheme with bringing a separate post to the top, so that other users can notice it. That is, the account owner buys several hundred (or several thousand, if the budget allows) likes, which automatically makes the post noticeable for other profiles. Users become interested in the post, study other posts of the author, follow the account.

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In conclusion, we would like to note that the advertising market on Instagram is still actively developing. And although most large companies already have their own representative office, this does not mean that the path for to this market is closed. On the contrary! It’s much easier for the user today to sell ads directly and make money. Moreover, the social network itself is doing everything in order to automate this process and make it available to everyone. If the sale of advertising is fully automated, then users will not be able to negotiate, but simply set themselves the average price in the market and receive income from this depending on the number of followers.