How to Find Interesting Content for Instagram

Content is anything that fills your account on the social network. For Instagram, these are not only beautiful, high-quality photos, but also interesting texts and original Stories. It can be inspiring, motivating, attracting followers, or vice versa: boring, monotonous, causing a desire to unsubscribe. Its importance cannot be overemphasized! How to find content for Instagram if your own ideas are gone, and followers start to get bored?


1. The main types of content.

2. Where to get ideas from?

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The main types of content

1. Make your own original photos, preferably in the same style, with fonts and text, processed with one or more your favorite filters.

2. Borrowed visual and textual material is appropriate for those bloggers who make collections, accumulating the latest trends and news. Do not forget to indicate authorship and source!

3. What your followers publish: it’s appropriate to repost a review on your work, a photo of the product purchased from you, and so on. You can hold a creative competition and repost what its participants do, accompanied by their comments.

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4. “Behind the scenes” – shooting back-stages in stories, publishing preparations for events, your team, corporate life and everything that is usually hidden.

Important! Are there notifications for Instagram Stories, yes, they must be turned on by going to the account and tapping the “gear” icon in the corner. There, select “enable push notifications.” Many users also ask, should you hashtag Instagram Stories, the answer is yes, of course! This is done the same way as in the posts: put the “pound”, start typing, choose something from the proposed or invent your own.

5. Pictures. You can draw them yourself if you are an artist or designer. If you need an illustration for the text, you can master photo stocks, such as iStockphoto, Depositphotos, Shutterstock and others. They are both paid and free. Images will be useful to business accounts, information, news profiles. Personal blogs should not contain such pictures.

6. Video and GIF animation.

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7. Ratings and lists: “My top 10 health care products / books, etc.” – this is what gets bookmarked.

8. Long-read – posts and photos on the topic “how it all began.” It is better to make a series so that everyone looks forward to continuing.

9. Reviews and recommendations, your feedback on something. People love this, the main thing here is a meaningful and fascinating text.

10. Quotes and motivation for “success.”

11. Provocative material causing excitement. Set the tone for the debate, give cause for discussion – the main thing is not to overdo!

12. Answer the most common questions in the comments, highlight and post some of them.

Where to get ideas from?

The first way is to use professionals.

Tired of blurry photos and selfies? Hire a photographer who will take you in different angles and images in a couple of hours, providing material for a month or two – the main thing is to think over the details in advance and diversify the shooting as much as possible.

Not sure what to write about? On copywriting exchanges for a small fee, a freelancer will write a lot of original posts on any topic you specify, and offer your ideas.

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The service of the content manager is more expensive: it will take on the task of developing, planning a posting plan, interacting with other specialists, tracking trends, and giving practical advice.

The second way: look at competitors and get inspired. Do not copy what they do – adapt everything for yourself, otherwise there would be accusations of plagiarism. It is especially useful to watch successful foreign bloggers – they are always one step ahead and often “our” audience does not follow them. What is on hype in the USA might be a trend of the next season, so we follow and apply it on time! You should not look only at millionaires – pay attention to the users with 300 thousand or more Instagram followers, they are often more original and unique.

Individuality and value – this is what the Instagram audience wants. Find “zest” in yourself and bring benefits, and your followers will love you, and their number will grow!