How to Boost Likes on Instagram underneath the Latest Photo

The latest photo is usually the most popular in the user’s account. Important information about the person or goods is placed under the latest and regularly updated photo, it is the so-called ‘cover’ of the account. Therefore, it is important it looks impressive and meets the quality standards of the published Instagram content; for this purpose there exists Instagram likes boost for free underneath the latest photo.



  • How it works
  • User’s benefit
  • Advertiser’s benefits
  • Working method
  • Free apps or ‘mutual likes’
  • Paid services
  • Conclusion

How it works

User’s benefit

The photo with lots of likes is immediately displayed on the main page of search and gives a little information about the owner of the account to those who look through the feed.

Advertiser’s Benefit

For the advertisers using the platform Instagram likes boost of the last photo will also be a good push to success. Free apps that do not require investments, as well as paid services, instant and at decent level, will help in the promotion of Instagram and attracting the audience. This method is similar to fishing: by ‘casting a hook’ with the last photo, the user gathers a loyal audience soon who ‘like’ the rest of his content without his time and effort spent.

Working method

Free apps or ‘mutual likes’

This method requires more time, more attention and more effort, but is completely free and fairly simple for an average user. Without using any platforms, you can visit random pages of active people, put likes and follow them, and then harvest the likes in response. The disadvantage is that not everyone will come to visit your page and it is not always possible to count on mutual likes. Applications for boost do the same, but “oblige” their users to put likes to everyone who bought this Instagram marketing service for virtual currency, because otherwise you will not be able to buy likes. Thus, likes boost underneath a specific photo turns into mutual likes, but this way they are mandatory.

Paid services

Paid applications, developers or other services use a completely different boost method. In this case, they take programs created for this with thousands of the so-called bots, artificially created accounts controlled by the code. It is not easy to create such accounts, because the service sends ‘captcha’ to the computer, which cannot recognize it itself. Usually, in such cases, the developers already have headquarters of decoders that help robots to pass this check. Later, the army of artificial intelligence follows the programmer’s commands: whether to like this user or follow that one. The advantages of paid Instagram marketing services are that you don’t have to do anything yourself, because the bots will do all the work for you, and they will also make your audience. On the other hand it is a disadvantage as well: the audience and likes will not come from real people. If you have advertising on your channel, and have acquired the audience by this method, the advertiser can ignore your account, because for him the real response to their ads is important, not an artificial one. However, this may still work on inattentive customers.

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Due to the growing popularity of the service, boost methods are becoming an integral part of the life of Instagram businessmen, whether these are online stores or advertising bloggers. This is especially important for the last photo in the account, which is its ‘face’ alongside with the profile picture, nickname or description. For the most effective promotion of your account, Instagram likes boost is the most convenient and productive option.