GIFs are Popular Animated Images on Instagram

Users of social networks often ask: can you post GIFs on Instagram? GIF is a special format of animated images. And it is they who are gaining popularity in comparison with ordinary videos. Although the Instagram settings provide only videos or ordinary images for the post, some users manage to post GIF files in their news feed. But for this they need to convert the file to mp4 format and doing this is quite simple. There are several ways of how to post a GIF to Instagram.


• Why post files on Instagram

• Posting a popular GIF

• Publishing an existing GIF

• How to make GIF images yourself

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Why post files on Instagram

Animated images are gaining popularity recently. And this is one of the ways how to get noticed on Instagram. It can be funny videos that users really like watching. You can post GIFs in stories that might be posted an unlimited number of times a day. Publishing animated GIFs is necessary for users in order to increase the number of views of the account. Some bloggers make money successfully with this app, so in various ways they try to increase the number of likes and followers. And short animated images greatly with this.

Posting a popular GIF

If you need to place a GIF-file that you saw somewhere on the Internet, you need to go to a special site. In the search bar, you need to type keywords that will help you find the desired animation video. After the file is found, you must tap the “Instagram” button. A window will open where you should enter the email address to which the account on the social network is linked. Within a few minutes, there will be an email with the attachment of a file in MP4 format. And further post takes place as usually on Instagram, as of a regular photo or video recording.

Publishing an existing GIF

If you have any animated image that cannot be found on the above site, you must install a special app. This program converts the file format, after which the video will be available for posting on Instagram. You can download such apps from PlayMarket or the Apple Store. Absolutely anyone can use these apps, since they detail all the sequence of steps for converting the format.

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How to make GIF images yourself

If you have some kind of video that you want to convert into a funny GIF, you need to install another app. For example, a boomerang app, supported by iOS and Android operating systems. But the developers of the Instagram app eased the task for their users. And anyone can shoot a video in MP4 format, without using additional programs. To do this, go to the story menu and select the “boomerang” function. The video is automatically recorded in the required format, and you just need to place it in your news feed.

The popularity of the Instagram account grows due to the large number of views of other users, as well as due to the increased number of likes and comments. Owners of this social network accounts strive to improve the rating in various ways, including publishing funny and nice animated images in GIF format. Some bloggers, in addition to using the modern features of Instagram, use other ways to promote their account. They turn to the social media account promotion specialists for help. For example, to the ALL-SMM service, which helped a huge number of Instagrammers to increase the account rating. The cost of the service is very favorable, and the tasks are fulfilled very fast. The income will directly depend on the rating of the account, so the experienced bloggers recommend using all available methods to increase popularity on Instagram.