Free likes and followers: how to promote your account on Instagram

Instagram has turned into a real social network from just a photo publishing service, and its audience is growing with every year. Users use their profiles for monetization, i.e. for profit. It can be both sales through Instagram or just placing advertising posts. It is efficient only if there is a large number of followers, and there is activity on the profile.


Methods of promotion on Instagram

There are several ways of how to get more engagement on Instagram. They can be divided into paid and free. The main free options are:

  • Activity on other accounts, mutual following, commenting and likes. This method requires a lot of time, but at the same time has low efficiency.
  • Use of more or less free automated services. With the help of various tasks in social networks you can earn internal points and spend them later on your own task.
  • Attracting your target audience from other social networks or services works well for those who have their own group in VK or channel on YouTube.

There is also no point in using the second method, since more than 90% of accounts in such services are fake and get blocked in several days after registration due to the suspicious activity.

Among the paid ways of promoting your account, there are:

  • Ordering advertising from popular people or accounts with a large number of followers. Often it is quite expensive. Services of this kind may cost from 2 to 20 thousand rubles.
  • Boosting likes and followers on Instagram with professional Instagram marketing services.

It is important to find a good performer, as the wrong approach could lead to a negative result. The Instagram administration blocks the bots accounts regularly, so real people with real accounts should participate in the boost.

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Optimization never hurts

Remember that boost is not the only method of promotion. It is also recommended to work with it for optimizing published content. Every search engine has its own ranking parameters, and the search inside Instagram is not an exception.

The system cannot determine for itself what is there in the photo or video, therefore you should help it in every way. It is worth spending a few minutes to write a beautiful vivid description and add tags that explain the essence of the post. These simple steps will allow you to achieve a number of your goals:

  • Attracting your target audience, i.e. people who are interested in what you do.
  • Improving the image of the account as well as its aesthetics. Visitors enjoy viewing beautiful photos. This way the person sees that the account’s owner loves his followers and wants to share his emotions with them.

The emotional component in the Instagram promotion should not be underestimated, since according to statistics, most of this social network registrations are done by girls.

The smart boost is your path to success

Boost of likes and followers on Instagram for free cannot be of high quality. This work requires not only using a certain software, but also human resources. If you want to quickly and, what is most important, safely bring your own profile or certain posts to the TOP, you should contact the professionals in the first place.

It is important that they don’t ask your account login and password. If this happens, there is a great chance that you could lose your account forever.