Filters and Effects on TikTok

TikTok is a service gaining its popularity around the world with every day. It is a free app that can be installed on different operating systems. In order to become a TikTok user, install the app from the official website or store. Registration is simple: you have to specify either a phone number or e-mail address, also you can authorize via one of your other social network accounts. But not everyone knows how to use time effects in TikTok.


  • How to use TikTok
  • Customizing and publishing video on TikTok
  • Increasing the popularity of the TikTok account
  • Promotion of the TikTok account at the specialized services

How to use TikTok

After registering your account, you will see the recommendations of popular and interesting videos. If you want to have an account with a large number of followers, it is recommended to watch these to understand the principle of popularity of TikTok posts. The service menu is convenient, and any user can deal with it. As in many social networks, if you synchronize contacts from your smartphone, you will find your friends’ profiles quickly. Besides, there is a private messages chat, which adds to leaving comments to the video.

Customizing and publishing video on TikTok

Here you can edit the video when loading it: you can trim it where needed or add an effect. For example, speed up or slow down, flip it, add music. For the convenience of TikTok users there are filters and video effects. But you can increase their number by downloading them from the official site. When downloading a single video, the Tik Tok combine two effects simultaneously is available. There is also an opportunity of shooting video directly in the app. In this case, it is also allowed to use effects and original filters.

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Increasing the popularity of the TikTok account

Tik Tok followers mean a lot. The popularity of the account depends on this number. Therefore, it is important to post original and interesting videos so that the audience has no wish to unsubscribe from such a profile. But in addition to downloading exciting videos, you have to increase your account rating. You can invite friends and fans from other social networks, organize giveaways and lotteries, use free apps to cheat likes, comments or followers, and order expensive advertising from the well-known bloggers. Each method has its certain advantages and disadvantages.

Promotion of the TikTok account at the specialized services

The best way to promote your TikTok account is to contact professionals from the paid services. Affordable prices and quick terms are the main advantages of the paid services. The services specialized in TikTok accounts promotion do not inflate prices, unlike the famous bloggers. Besides, all the expenses will pay off in a short time.

TikTok is a free app where you can not only become famous, but also earn well. As in any business, it is better to make the minimum investment and order account promotion at the specialized services.