All Possible Ways to Get Likes on Instagram

Only think over these numbers: more than 300 million people log in to Instagram daily and upload more than 95 million photos and see what bloggers, celebrities or friends have posted. No matter how high-quality the content planning on Instagram is, no matter how beautiful your photos and videos may be, it will be extremely difficult for you to stand out from the crowd of similar accounts until you get likes from the followers. How? In this article, we have collected the most effective ways to get likes on Instagram specially for you.


1. What likes ensure for the account owner

2. Where to get real likes

3. How to get many likes quickly

3. Conclusion

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What likes ensure for the account owner

First of all, you realize how important you are: they see me, approve, agree with me and appreciate what I do. I am an opinion leader influencing a wide audience. To get 20 likes on Instagram from relatives or to get 1000 “hearts” from people you’ve never seen before – feel the difference!

They also help:

1. Become popular by increasing the number of page views.

2. Reveal your achievements to the world and get approval.

3. In the future, make money on advertising links and the inclusion of native advertising. The blogger’s fee depends on the number of followers and “likes”.

4. Advertise your products and services – a good company or a brand account can sell your product even when you sleep!

Where to get real likes

The natural promotion of an account is not an easy task, requiring special knowledge, effort and time. The more you have real, loyal followers, the more likes will be there under your posts. Feel free to remind your followers how happy you will be to see their red hearts underneath your photo, but don’t be too intrusive.

1. Choose a clear theme for your page and develop in this direction, the “specific” accounts are the most successful, they collect the friendliest audience, “in the subject” and loving the like-minded person. Do not deviate from the course: young mothers will not like sudden naked photos on the blog of a classic mother of many kids, and “macho guys” will unsubscribe from a man who suddenly decided to confess his love for cooking pies.

2. Do not disappear and do not bother: choose the optimal frequency and schedule of posts in accordance with the statistics of the page that displays the lifestyle and habits of your audience. No one will like to like 20 times a day, even if it is a beloved girlfriend!

3. Be active! Put likes to other users, and many of them will reciprocate. Comment, subscribe – become an active part of the social network, play by its rules!

4. Pay attention to the quality of published content: it’s nice to tap a heart only under a beautiful, well-processed clear photo and interesting, useful text or video!

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5. Participate in giveaways, hold contests – it’s often a prerequisite to involve a sponsor.

6. Buy advertising from other bloggers or make a recommendation on barter (suitable for those who already have several thousand followers) – this will increase the flow of followers, which means more likes.

7. Provoke and intrigue: promise to reveal a secret in the post or continue the story to the end, if a certain number of hearts appear under the photo.

8. Do not forget about hashtags and geolocation tags. Use keywords and phrases so that potential users see you in a collection of topics of interest to them. If you are original, stand out from hundreds of photos and useful, you will get the coveted likes, or maybe a following.

How to get a lot of likes quickly?

To make the promotion process faster, several tools have been invented. Could they work for you? Decide for yourself!

1. Participation in like-time (PR, game mania) – special events that are held according to the corresponding hashtag. The bottom line is simple – users exchange mutual “likes” and follows in order to help each other with promotion. It is necessary to follow the rules agreed by the organizer.

Be careful!

You should not put more than 60 hearts per hour, otherwise the Instagram algorithm will ban you, that is, it will block you for a long time or forever!

2. Use special services to get likes and increase the number of followers. Many bloggers with million audience started precisely with this – having made a “breakthrough” at the beginning of their activity, they showed themselves to the world and continued to increase their audience by natural methods.

Important! With regard to the last point, you should be especially careful. Choose only long-existing services with good reviews and reputation, for example ALL-SMM. You should not risk your reputation and the already gained mass of followers for the sake of dubious promises. Free and immediate taking your account to the top in a couple of days – doesn’t it look like cheese in a mousetrap? Trust the professionals!

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In the pursuit of likes at all costs do not forget about the existing risks. Improve your education: watch training videos on promotion – many of them are completely free. Read books and posts on this topic, look for and correct your mistakes in the design of your account, make it better, and your efforts will surely bring likes from your audience!