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  • All Possible Ways to Get Likes on Instagram

    Only think over these numbers: more than 300 million people log in to Instagram daily and upload more than 95 million photos and see what bloggers, celebrities or friends have posted. No matter how high-quality the content planning on Instagram is, no matter how beautiful your photos and videos may be, it will be extremely difficult for you to stand out from the crowd of similar accounts until you get likes from the followers. How? In this article, we have collected the most effective ways to get likes on Instagram specially for you. read more

  • Instagram on Mac OS

    Using a laptop from Apple means that the user begins to perform the usual actions in a slightly different way. However, with regard to the use of popular services, sites, social networks, the difference is minimal. Most often, the differences relate to design solutions of a particular product. In addition, Apple computers have a better security level, which allows to use some additional features. Therefore, posting on Instagram from Mac does not require special knowledge and skills from you. However, there are several differences that are worth talking about. read more

  • How to Find Interesting Content for Instagram

    Content is anything that fills your account on the social network. For Instagram, these are not only beautiful, high-quality photos, but also interesting texts and original Stories. It can be inspiring, motivating, attracting followers, or vice versa: boring, monotonous, causing a desire to unsubscribe. Its importance cannot be overemphasized! How to find content for Instagram if your own ideas are gone, and followers start to get bored? read more

  • Instagram Advertising: Who Benefits from It?

    Instagram business promotion has been gaining momentum lately. After all, this is a convenient platform, which is absolutely free for attracting new customers. Should you use Instagram for business? Some users are not sure about that. And those who successfully earn large sums are advised to use every opportunity to become a successful businessman. Should you switch your Instagram to a business profile if your goal is to make money in this social network? read more

  • What to Publish in Instagram Stories

    If you want to be interesting to your Instagram followers, promote your account and attract new followers, sell your services or goods, the daily posting of Stories is your responsibility. More than half of the audience of a social photo network admit that they do not view the feed at all, because there are a lot of photos that do not carry much sense, but almost everyone watches Stories. What should you post on Instagram stories, to attract new followers? read more

  • A High Instagram Rating is the Main Rule for Earning

    Many have seen Instagram promotion service and believe that these services are very expensive. But this is not so. To learn in more detail what kind of service it is and who needs to it, try to find out why you need a popular account on this social network. Of course, if there is no goal to make money on the Internet, you can use this app just as a personal archive of photos and videos. But many bloggers make money successfully using the features of Instagram. It is important to know what posts to make, the best times to post on Instagram, and how to get the attention of new followers. read more

  • Promotion on Instagram

    Social networks have long been an important part of our lives. We communicate through them, find out the news, share information. All this has a great impact on the advertising business. Promoting goods and services through Instagram is becoming more convenient than using conventional marketing campaigns, such as advertising on TV. Does promotion on Instagram work? No doubt, its effectiveness has been proved by a huge number of examples. read more

  • GIFs are Popular Animated Images on Instagram

    Users of social networks often ask: can you post GIFs on Instagram? GIF is a special format of animated images. And it is they who are gaining popularity in comparison with ordinary videos. Although the Instagram settings provide only videos or ordinary images for the post, some users manage to post GIF files in their news feed. But for this they need to convert the file to mp4 format and doing this is quite simple. There are several ways of how to post a GIF to Instagram. read more

  • Fashion Industry on Instagram

    Have you ever tried to count how many fashion bloggers are there on Instagram, there are not dozens, not even hundreds or thousands. There are hundreds of thousands. Each has their own channel, where they express their opinion on how to dress. It should be noted that a huge number of these channels are popular, they have several thousand followers and expensive advertising contracts. It is necessary to understand the causes of this phenomenon. Where did fashion channels come from, why do people actively follow them, and how to become an Instagram fashion blogger? Let’s try to find answers to these and many other questions. read more

  • Who Are You on Instagram: the King or the Beggar?

    Modern realities force to promote your business on the basis of social networks. The most popular ones – VKontakte and Instagram attract a lot of followers. Due to the competent account management, you can make sales all over the world. You just need to think about how to make Instagram content beautiful and useful for a potential client. Original materials make customers not only like photos, but also follow interesting pages. The account’s popularity is growing day by day. read more